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Iboga Therapy House

Location: Sunshine Coast, Canada
Nearest Airport: Vancouver International (YVR)
Average Stay: 5 days
Basic Cost: CDN $5500
Director: Sandra Karpetas
Testimonials: No Reviews/Comments

Center providing addiction detox and psychospiritual sessions with medical supervision, North of Vancouver, Canada.

What they say about themselves

The Iboga Therapy House is a Canadian non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the therapeutic uses of ibogaine from a holistic perspective. Our holistic approach supports the integration of mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual aspects of health. We support the intentional use of ibogaine in a way that respects both its ancient and modern medicinal, ceremonial and spiritual history of use.

We dedicate our work to encourage and support healthy improvements in quality of life for our guests in a way that recognises each persons innate ability for healing. We seek to support positive change, personal growth and greater self understanding.

We take great care to ensure that your experience with us will be safe, compassionate, caring and respectful of your own perspective, beliefs, values and needs. We in turn derive great benefit from the opportunity to witness your courage, determination, strength and self-awareness in action.

Our own participation in this project has afforded us a deep and everlasting respect for the great beneficial potential of ibogaine therapy, and for this reason we dedicate ourselves to supporting you in your journey towards wellness. More info…

What they offer

Addiction detox
The program is a 5-day medically supervised addiction detox with ibogaine for $5500 (CDN). 7-day program available for $7200 (CDN), and 10-day for $8900 (CDN). Discounts for couples/friends. More info…

Psychospiritual session
The program is a 3-day medically supervised ibogaine session for $3500 (CDN). Discounts for couples/friends. More info…

How to get in touch with them

Official website
Canadian telephone: (604) 989-0973
US telephone: (206) 905-1170
Skype: ibogatherapyhouse
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